Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a caterer?

Craft and Savor is a wellness company providing healthy fruits and snacks to offices, but do not provide hot catered food.

Partnerships with our clients work best on a weekly recurring basis, not on a per meeting basis.  Our clients work with us to provide their team and employees healthy delicious snacks on an everyday basis, to improve the culture within the office. Although we do work with our current clients on event-specific needs, we don’t work with companies solely on an event-specific basis.

Our value add is in the culinary team that we have in house.  Many of our clients in fact move AWAY from whole fruit due to the poor quality they receive from their current vendors (Fresh Direct, WB Mason, Amazon Fresh, Fruit Guys, etc.).  Our clients also appreciate the “grab-and-go” style of our wellness offering, ensuring not only convenience, but sanitation as well. That being said, we are exploring the expansion of our menu to include whole fruit to our larger clients ($600/wk)

Yes, the order minimum is $150. That being said, 80% of our clients have increased their weekly order over their time with us, because their team loves our fresh product.  We also make sure to take the first few weeks as a time to really learn how your office likes to eat, so that we can ensure there is efficient use of your budget, while keeping an eye on limiting food waste.

To name a few:

    • Extensive account management, through white glove delivery service to your office fridge shelf
    • Inventory management – have a second set of eyes on inventory to make sure you are making the most of your office snack budget! 
    • Since our culinary team is in house, we are constantly creating new products!  As a perk of being a Craft and Savor client, we will periodically send you and your team free samples of our latest recipes to see if you’d like to incorporate.  Who doesn’t love free food!?

Placing an order is easy! Just head over to our shop page, and add items to your cart. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, go ahead and checkout! Still confused? Check out our ordering guide here.

A majority of our products do need to be refrigerated to retain freshness and quality.

Not a problem! As long as you hit our order minimum, we can deliver on Monday AND Wednesday mornings, reducing the amount of fridge space you need to solely dedicate to this offering.