Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an item to my cart?

From the “Shop” page, you simply select the item you want to add, enter the quantity, and “Add to Cart”. Your shopping cart in the top right corner will keep track of the amount of items in your cart, you’ll also be able to preview your cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

To view and reorder any of your previous orders, go to the “Orders” section of “My Account”. From there, you will be able to view your past orders and invoices. You’ll also have the option to reorder, the items from your past order will be added to your cart and you’ll proceed to checkout as usual.

Absolutely!  E-mail us a “orders@craftandsavor.com” and we can automate your order on a weekly basis.  Use all that saved time to savor more of our Avocado Chocolate Mousse!

To make changes on a past order, follow the steps above. After the previous order is in your cart, you may now add or subtract items as you wish.

To change your current password, simply go to the “Account Details” section of “My Account”. From here you are able to change your existing password as well as your email address and display name.

To add a method of payment that will be used for your future orders, go to the “Payment Methods” section of “My Account”. From here you will be able to add a new payment method or delete an existing one.